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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why do we say something is out of Wack? What is a Wack?

Read an article in the paper this week about the state budget cuts, and it looks like corrections is taking a big hit. Looking at cutting the parole time from 5 years to 2 or 3. So don't know what that might mean for these two small facilities in this side of the state. Since they house less than 500 inmates, and many of them getting ready for parole, it is feasible that they could close them and absorb the population into the bigger facilities.

In the mean time, I have a list and plan to go out tomorrow and check out the home health companies in town. Also do a little smoozing with a couple shop owners on main street. Talked to one the other day that runs a consignment shop and she is trying to find a buyer. Maybe she could use someone part time till then so she can free up her time. Who knows.

The town is left with only one used book store now and it is such a cluttered place with books up on shelves that you can't reach without a ladder. I itch to get in there and organize it. Have heard from others about not liking it for that reason. Hmmmm, maybe I will go talk to her again. Who knows.

Did I mention I joined Curves this week. I think I did. Believe it or not you do get a pretty good workout with those machines and the quick circuit you do. By moving from one machine to the next quickly you stay aerobic and don't get too tired to fast. Then the stretches at the end are great.

Oh, one last thing, I got a virus in my computer last week, had to take it to a computer guy to get it removed. I do FaceBook and when a family member asked me to allow them to add me to their "family" list, it hit me. Came from FB. The computer guy has seen several just recently. It is called Personal Antivirus. You can google it and see that it is a scam, where they show you all the infected files you have and for a fee to download their program it will all go away. I ran my antivirus and it didn't show any infected files. But this program was blocking my access to do anything on line. So now all is good. Just be careful what you do when accepting any applications from FB or any of these places. And we only think that Big Brother is watching!

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