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Friday, September 25, 2009

A little of this, and a little of that

Here is my rainbow from back door a few days ago.

Been a busy week, had the colonoscopy on Tue, then worked Wed, and also Thurs, and now it is Fri. already.

First the colonoscopy was quite interesting. I got to the hosp at 8 AM. On the table with IV by 8:30, Dr. was to be there at 9, but he had an emergency and got there at 11:30. I wasn't about to go home and do the prep another day. I was asleep the whole time for the last one I had, so I was surprised to wake up and find myself looking at the monitor and watched the last half of the procedure and even that I remembered. I watched them snip off some polyps, (didn't have those 5 years ago) I even got colored pictures of them to take home. (Icky). The bad part was that they blew so much air into the colon to puff it out to see and do the work, and it was quite painful. The pain lasted a couple hours till I was able to pass some of the gas. So now I wait for the biopsy reports. My concern now is that he wants to repeat it in 4 mo. to make sure they didn't "grow" back. So just keeping positive thoughts that all is well.

Now about the work. Wed. went OK. Worked with the 2 who are the gossips, so just tried to ignore and do all I could to learn more of their routines. Then I was asked if I could work the next day, as the part time nurse was working alone and the DON was coming in for only part of the day. I knew something was up after a few hrs. Judy (the part time nurse) said she had a meeting at 3pm with the Big Wheels. The DON told me later on the side that it was a sort of hearing and the outcome may not be good. So I sort of pushed all day to keep all the charts done up and tried to learn everything I could about the paper flow and finally got computer access code. (Oh, and I got to assist the PA in removing a big shot pellet from this guys forehead) So Judy left at 3pm and about 45 min. later was brought back by an officer and picked up her bag and left, escorted out. So that was it, and there is now a part time opening. I felt really bad for her. She seemed like a nice person and I really don't want to know all the details, its not my business. So I was left to do the 4pm pill call alone, and had only done it once, with help. You have to use the computer to look up each one and then document that rx. was given. Well the computer wouldn't show up the new orders, and the DON helped me some, but basically I got thru it and all ended well. So I don't know how long it will take them to decide what to do about hiring me into that slot. It may be awhile. So will wait and see.

Headed out to pick up our elk meat tomorrow. It will be an all day trip. About 5 hrs. one way

Thought for the day: A word to the wise is not necessary, its the stupid who need them.

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