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Friday, April 08, 2011

Aspire to Inspire

As I took my early morning walk in town this morning, (yes its spring and I have tried to start up again), I noticed many of the same buildings and such that I saw when I last walked in the fall, and I thought of how they looked a little more run down than before. Then I noticed that I was walking a little slower than I probably was last fall. Guess the winter has been hard on all things. But the tulips are blooming and grass growing, so it give me hope to pick up my step a little and find something to smile about.

Was anxious to get the paper this week and see my column that I did for April. Like I hadn't already read it 10 times before I sent it in. But there is just something about seeing it in print that makes you feel good.

The picture is of the huge Bradford Pear tree that was blooming a week ago in our front yard. Blooms all gone now but beautiful new green leaves. The mocking bird has found us along with the pair of brown thrush that I love to watch. The squirrels are driving us nuts. Such pigs! Then the ground hog has come out from under the tool shed and is chowing down on the green grass.

Took hubby to Dr. on Wed for his 4 week check up and an xray of his new knee. Beautiful. It is amazing what they can do and how well he as done in only 4 weeks. No cane most of the time and able to drive himself to his out patient PT. Next post I will put the pic on.

Thought for the day: I let go of resistance and accept this moment exactly as it is--Deepak Chopra

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