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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sweatin to the Oldies

Getting warm to early in the AM. Did my walk this morning and was rather sweaty when I got back. Dang I hate that! Sort of puts a new meaning to sweating to the oldies huh?

Hubby was able to ride the lawn mower yesterday and had all the front yard mowed by the time I got home. He is such a good hard working man. Guess I will keep him. Did I mention I built a planter in front of my store? Looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Already filled up with assorted plants from my home and from my sisters. I do one one that is questionable though. It was attached to some dutch Iris plants and looked so pretty I planted it all by itself. But now it is looking rather suspicious to me. Probably a weed. Will let it bloom and see. Maybe a pretty weed.

Daughter and significant other, (don't like that term, when it is much more than that) are at an ALS ralley today. Wish I could have been there to lend my support. Maybe next time. A terrible disease that needs stamped out!

Thought for the day: I know I got alot of exercise the last few years,...... just getting over the hill.

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