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Friday, May 06, 2011

Spring is here, birds are doing their thing!

I just hung the Gourd bird house 2 days ago. About died laughing last pm watching Mr. Wren try to carry twigs into the small opening. I thought he had it when he got on the railing and kept working on the twig, it was about 10 in. long. He finally had ahold of the end so I thought he had it as he hopped up and kept trying to thread it into the hole, but then he dropped it. Next twig was much smaller and fit. This morning early we heard alot of chitter/chatter going on and I stood again at the window and here is what I heard:

Pop: Well Honey, what do you think of the new house I found?

Mom: Well it looks pretty good Tweet Thing, but it is awful close to that big house.

Pop: Oh, Fluffy Stuff, they won't bother us, but what about that strange red house with the tiny guys slurping up that juicy stuff.

Mom: I don't think they will be bad if they don't fight to much, I hear they are known for that, Sweetums.

Pop: Did you notice how we have our own perch on top to sit and watch over our estate, Sugar Beek?

Mom: Oh yes, and how nice it will be to have the babies swinging when the wind blows, (I think she was blushing)

Pop: Jumping up and down, so excited, he dropped the twig he was holding.


Coffeypot said...

Now that was funny. Where did you learn birdtalk? Shakeyatailfeather U?

dc said...

It helps when you are a bird brain!

Anonymous said...

you just crack me up!!