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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another sign of spring

In my morning walks around town, I have been passing this little pasture. For several weeks there was a little (and I mean little) stallion that was pacing the fence, I could see into the front of this little barn and could see another small horse in there. I figured she was ready to have her baby. Well yesterday when I walked by, the stallion was penned up and lo and behold there were 3 mares in the pasture with 2 of the cuties little colts. Don't know if they are small Shetlands or miniature horses. Looks like they might come up to my waist on the shoulder. Aren't the cute little critters? Makes me miss our little farm, well at least for a few minutes. We enjoyed all our critters but it was alot of work and expense. big sigh!

Thought for today: Good questions outrank easy answers. Now think that one over a bit.

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