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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sister's dream

Got in a little walk this morning with my sister, and she told me about her vivid dream. So while I can remember it I just have to put it down here as it was pretty funny. It amazing how we incorporate our personal life into our dreams with world events.

In the dream she said her husband announced to her that Michelle Bachmann had died suddenly and since she (my sister) looked exactly like her (no she doesn't, lol) she should step into her place and run for president. My sister insisted that she had to finish her quilt before she could do anything else. See she is working on a handmade quilt for her grand daughter's wedding this fall. But her husband insisted that it would be awesome as she could preside as president and quilt at the same time. Then he quoted a sign that she has hanging in her sewing room that says: Just One More Row. Then he said, well are you going to run for president or quilt?? Then she woke up.

I think he watches too much Fox and she quilts too much. LOL

Thought for the day: "We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way thru Congress" --- Will Rogers


Coffeypot said...

Tell her to run for president. She couldn't do a worse job than the one we have now.

Meg said...

Hey Aunt D! Is everyone in Joplin okay? I've been thinking about you guys and hoping all is okay.