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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Catch of the day!

This is the smallest fish I have ever caught! It even swallowed the hook and worm, only the tip end of the hook was showing. It has blue in its mouth and the fins have a sort of prehistoric look as they fan out. We were told that in the lake where we fished these are the primary food source for the German Brown Trout.

I actually thought I caught a German Brown, as I was reeling in what felt like a pretty good size fish, hubby netted it for me and I saw the brown sides and was wow, I finally caught one. Well it turned out to be the biggest sucker fish I ever caught. So two for two!

We were at a lake about 75 miles from home. It was so good to leave early Sun. when the sky was cloudy and as we got deeper into the Ozarks we noticed that the outside temp was only climbing into the low to mid 80's and it was raining off to the east of us. We fished twice on Sunday from the marina dock at the resort where we stayed. It was so good to get sprinkled on and feel the cool breeze coming to us off the lake. Was worth the drive. At home it is still over 100 every day.
Only stayed the one night as we were sharing the resort with my brother and his wife, they came in later on Monday and stayed over till sometime on Tue. It was a little wedding gift to them that finally got used.

When we got home found that SIL was not feeling well, so got her a Dr. apt lined up and took her to get some lab done. At 86 she is doing pretty well but has some trouble with swallowing and feeling full way to soon. (she barely weighs 100 #) I know the Dr. will run a bunch of tests, but my diagnosis is stenosis of the esophagus but will wait and see as she also has a heart condition and high pressure in her lungs that could be causing it. She will just hate it if she has to have more medication.

Thought for the day: Everyone has a photographic memory----some just don't have film.

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