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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It is so Hot, How hot is it?

Its so hot the squirrels are handling their nuts with pot holders!

The picture is of a humming bird moth that was lunching on my flowers in front of my store. You may have to click on it to enlarge it and also turn your head sideways. Heck while you are at it you may as well just stand on your head! What do you expect from a cheap camera phone?

Heat:: No end in site for now, I feel sorry for any one who may not have air conditioning, and what about all the people who have to work outside? It must be brutal. Volunteers are still coming into Joplin to help with cleaning up the debris. They say that about 60% has been hauled to land fills. They hope to have all cleared up by the first of Aug. Some are rebuilding homes, the city is working hard to try to plan things out, as this is an opportunity to make changes, like more parks, sidewalks, wider streets, and such. I noticed that Home Depot has a humongous tent up that they are working out of as they start to build the new store.

Well better go, got other fish to fry, may try the sidewalk with a little pam sprayed on first.

Thought for the day: Its so hot I discovered that it only takes 2 fingers to drive the car.

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