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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Cinnamon Bread: This is tough on my diet!

Last pm I baked up my last loaf of Artisan Bread from the batch I stirred up Tuesday.  A word of caution, if you try to hold your bread in the refrig for a few days, be sure to wrap the bowl tight with saran wrap.  The first time I did it I didn't have it sealed and it ran all over the refrig shelf.  It looked sort of like the Blob,  (remember that movie?)   Anyway I did this loaf with olive oil, then brown sugar and cinnamon.  The loaf comes out with very mild cinnamon to me, but it is so darn good toasted!
Wanted to add a comment for anyone reading this that if you want to try your regular bread using this method to get a nice crusty bread you can try it.  And in place of the clay cloche, you can use a dutch oven.  The secret is to raise the bread on a piece of parchment paper in a bowl, don't get to big a loaf,  then get the dutch oven hot in the oven at 425 degrees.  Slip the bread into the hot pan, put the lid on and bake for about 35 min.  Would love to hear if any of my readers try this. 
I know you are out there,  my counter tells me someone is reading this.  If so thanks for the interest. 
And I know my big brother reads this, as he says its the only way he knows what I am up to.
Sorry Ray, I can't bring you a nice warm loaf of this!!!

Thought for the day::  "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy;  it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
- Winston Churchill -


MadCityMike said... are making us drool every post!

Thanks for the tip on the dutch oven. i'll give that a try for sure. I have to say that there is "parchment paper" and then there is "parchment paper". I had great luck with the 1st brand I'd bought, but #2 was a real loser. Everything stuck to it....wish I could remember where I'd bought the good stuff. Guess it's gonna be trial and error all over again. Maybe not too bad though, as I do remember where #2 was bought. ;)

As for my sourdough cinnamon bread, I add raisins, too, kneaded in before I roll out the dough and sprinkle my cinnamon/sugar mixture onto the dough. I then fold the dough over onto itself, several times, shape to loaf, and put into a "Pam" sprayed loaf pan. My loaves are done after 27 minutes at 350 degrees.

Coffeypot said...

My D-I-L makes bread all the time, but she is a health nut and her bread has no taste. Not even warm, fresh out of the oven.

Rita said...

I love making sourdough bread. The starter isn't that difficult to make from scratch either.

While it always tastes good, I have yet to master how to make it rise sufficiently. I end up with tasty, crunchy bread that is only about 3 inches high.

Any ideas?

dc said...

Thanks for the comments,
Mike: I use Reynolds parchment paper (thats all Wally sells)
I think the hotter oven in the covered dutch oven is what makes it nice and crusty.
Rita: My receipt calls for 3 tsp of yeast for my big batch, that is a 7 cup of flour batch. I get 4 nice loaves from it. Are you just using the sourdough starter for your rise? Also I found that you don't want to let them over rise before baking as then they tend to not rise any more and aren't as nice. Also make slices in the top to allow for the expansion. Good luck. Let me know. DC

dc said...

Oh, and Coffeypot: Sorry about the crappy bread, but I bet you slap butter on it and just love it. Ain't no such thing as bad home made bread!