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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thinking to hard  This is an interesting blog that I follow.  The last post is quite interesting.  It is about how this younger generation is having their life "recorded" for them unlike any time before.  You will have to just read it to get his thoughts.  I found it interesting.

As for my own thoughts for the day.  As I was driving to the store I was thinking about how it is that you can't be born with the same "smarts" that you have when you are older.  Mainly I was thinking about what we eat.  I think of how I ate when I was in my 20's and 30's and I wish I had made better choices and knew about the better choices.  Maybe there are just stages in life that you have to go thru to get to that place where it all clicks.  I work hard to avoid sugars now and even use artificial sugar to a minimum. I am a big fiber nut.  I try to use whole grain products and read labels alot.  Not only to make sure that what's in it is stuff I can read and understand but that if at all possible it comes from USA.  Sorry but I just can't eat fish from Thialand or Shrimp from there or China.  Look at whats happened to our orange juice for crying out loud!  Thank God we have been drinking Florida Naturals all this time.  But what about our little ones that drink all this cheaper OJ that is being shipped in, diluted, and adulterated in all sorts of ways?  Then there is the issue of all the chemicals that kids are consuming now.  There is no end is there till WE ALL get smart.  $$$$$$  that is the big issue as it is in alot of things.  Don't get me started on the medical stuff.

I like the saying/prayer:  "Lord keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth"

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