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Friday, January 27, 2012

I really do have one! Or maybe more!

My son called this morning and in our conversation I was talking to him about a procedure that I had heard of that I thought would help his health.  I do worry about him.  Then I very proudly mentioned that his sister was giving me the best gift of all for my birthday (next week).  She has been setting up a support system and telling everyone that she will have her last cigarette the night before my birthday.  How awesome is that.  Of course I mentioned to my son (he is a smoker,,,, again,,,) about how I worry about their health and would like to see them all quit!   In a laughing voice (I think)  my son said," you must have a row of soap boxes to step from one to the other". 
I think that was a compliment.  Maybe?


Coffeypot said...

I agree. Parents are suppose to have soap boxes when it comes to the welfare of their kids. And they need it, too, or they wouldn't make stupid comments like that. Teach/Preach on...

Anonymous said...

wooo hoooo!! Go Me! and yea Go Momma! I kinda like your soapboxes :)