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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have we lost our senses?

While at the gym this morning I saw a gal with her bra straps showing because  she had a top on with criss cross straps.  The thought went thru my head as it has many times the last few years.  Where is our sense of what is decent to wear in public?  I mean the thongs that show above the low cut pants, the bra that shows, and the PJ's worn to Walmart or the mall.  Anyway when I logged in today to the computer I got this link from someone, so will share it. My little bit serendipity here.  Now I haven't seen many of these folks at our Walmart so not sure where these pictures where taken.  What is the weirdest thing you have seen at Walmart?


Coffeypot said...

I shop quiet often at Wal Mart, but I never see any strange people. Now I do live in the country and I think the men choose their women by the pound. Many fat women, but dressed, for the most part, decently. And we call the thongs sticking out of the top of a woman's pants a Whale Tail. And I do remember when a woman would never show her bra straps and would be mortified if a man saw her bra. But the did have granny-panty outlines in their jeans and shorts. I think all women should go commando. Especially if they are wearing a denim miniskirt.

lotta joy said...

I wish they'd say where the different walmart stores are located. Hopefully, San Francisco.

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