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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who you gonna call? ChipBuster!

We have been over run with these cute little critters.  Of course it wouldn't be that my husband and his sister love to put out bird seed.  They aren't happy enough to just put it in bird feeders! No!!!!!!!!!!!
They dribble it along the retaining wall, a trail along SIL's sidewalk, and a nice pile of corn along her driveway for the deer.  We have an acre of timber along her side of the house.  Deer do come out and drink from the bird bath pretty regularly.  So along with the chipmonks we were seeing mice and I warned them that next would be black snakes.  I mean one critter follows the food chain right?  Now the funny thing is that my husband thought the answer was to put concrete in all their holes.  Duh!  They just go make another hole!  So I bought this cute little humane trap,  it is about 12 inches long, with a trip door on both ends. I put birdseed in it! 
So far I have caught 1 sparrow (released it) 3 young rats and one small vole (they went to rodent heaven)  then I have caught 4 fat chipmonks that got relocated about a mile away in a nice grassy area near a recycle center.  Thought they would meet up and start their colony there.  I believe we have a couple more then I will concentrate on seeing if I can catch any mice out by the tool shed.  Thats where hubby keeps all the rodent goodies!  You know bags of birdseed and corn. 
Sometimes I think I am the only one that has any sense left, but gotta love them, their hearts are in the right place, they have just lost their minds.

Thought for the day: The thing that I lost and miss the most is my mind (read that somewhere recently)


MadCityMike said...

Ugh! They thrive up here as well and I take them on "one way trips", too. We heard if they aren't taken far enough, they'll return, so I drive ours to a nature area about 3 miles away. "Supposedly" some former neighbors put paint on tails, released them closer to home, then caught the same ones again. I didn't want to take any chances, thus more miles, including over a 4 lane highway, between "us and them". ;)

Coffeypot said...

A couple of good outdoor cats will work, too.

dc said...

Where I took them, I am guessing coyotee chips!

paschervente2012 said...

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