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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Blog cheating?

I think I been cheating on this blog site.  Been posting too much onto my other blog as I mostly been writing about my weaving.  So I will post one picture here of the latest project.
This is my floor loom that I got this spring and have set it up with my second warping.  Made 3 rugs on the first go around.  This one is set up pretty wide, 28 inches.  I am using denim to weave with.

Just joined the YMCA  today again.  Looking forward to going back and doing a little strength training and maybe do the pool class.  I always feel better when I exercise a little and right now my treadmill is all "tied up"  Really!  Been draping extra warp (string) from my weaving and there is no room to lower it to use for right now.

Not much to grouse about today,  just wanted to get a post done.  Oh, Goody!  Gas is down to 3.12 today.  Like an hour after I filled up at 3.14.  But hey  it sure beats the 3.69 we were paying last month.  Sneaky don't you think?  Get it so high that we think 3$ gas is a bargain!

So guess I did have a little grousing in me after all!



Coffeypot said...

I don't have the patients to do something like that. My ADHD won't let me...ooh...shiny...

MadCityMike said...

Looking good Ms. DC! Do you see any difference in beating the denim down using this sturdier loom?

dc said...

Mike, actually my old one ton loom had a heavy beater and I did like that about it. The one now is lighter weight so I don't feel it holds the compression as well. But not complaining. :)