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Thursday, August 02, 2012

48 years and a life time ago

How many of us have Other Lives?  This is me in my other life.  48 years ago today I married this guy.  I was all of 17 and he was 19.  The year was 1964.  This picture was taken I think 1970.  The kids were 1 1/2 and 3.  No we didn't have to get married, at least not in the traditional way.  See my folks were moving out of state from Iowa to Va. to live with my older brother and I was getting ready to start my start my senior year. Since I was "in love" I didn't want to go with them, so they signed for me to get married instead.

I was remembering my wedding this morning and realized how poor we were.  I moved my belongings into a little cottage house that was on his step-dads farm.  Bill had actually already moved there and had a few hogs he was raising.  Someone loaned me a short veil, I bought an inexpensive dress that I could wear for church later and (gasp) I wore pink heels as that is what I had from my prom and couldn't afford to buy another pair of shoes. Its a wonder that I didn't wear the pink prom dress that I had made the prev. spring.    It was a church wedding and only a few friends of the family present.  Aug 2nd and it was so hot!  For a "honeymoon" we went to the drive-in about 20 miles away then went "home".   I started my senior year but by Nov. dropped out.  Back then you were not allowed to participate in any extra activities if you were married.  There were 2 of us married by our senior year, and sadly the other gal was a star basket ball player about 6 ft tall.  So anyway I got booted out of FHA and I had been vice president the prev year.  Since I didn't play sports other than a short stint in track, I was to be manager of the concession stand that year so that was nixed too.  Guess I was just disappointed and decided to take a full time babysitting job for Bill's boss and that extra $15 a week was alot back then.  Our first year was very rocky and should have been a sign of things to come and we should have gone our separate ways then.  But I am a stick with it kind of girl and hung in there.
Just for the record I did sign up and take a correspondence course to get a certificate of graduation then 10 years later went to college for an LPN nursing degree, and even later in "this life" I finished my RN degree.  So not bad for a high school drop out. 
Life is strange isn't it?  When I look back 48 years and try to remember that young girl in the borrowed veil and pink heels I still remember how she felt even though I have forgotten alot of the little stuff.  The marriage barely lasted 14 years. 
I still look back and feel this was my "other" life.  I am a different person now, finally grew up and have learned my worth.


Coffeypot said...

Ahhh young love. When I married my first wife (had too) we couldn't afford to pay attention. We found a cheap apartmetn, my brother gave us a couch he had on his carport (with holse and stuff - we bough a couch cover from Sears) and the parents of an friend gave us an old bed. I was 21 and she was 18, a senior in high school and pregnant. She went back after the baby was born and finished school. I went to a votech school just so we could get the VA check. That kept us from starving. Youth! We experience so much and are too stupid to appreciate what we have. That was my other life, too.

dc said...

Thanks Coffeepot! You know there is a story in each of us. Thats what makes us wonderful beings.

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