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Friday, August 03, 2012


Crikey! Isn't she a beaut! "Crikey means gee whizz, wow!"
A quote from Steve Erwin.

 We aren't to wild about them nesting under our utility shed so we have caught 2 of them now and they have been relocated, along with all the chipmunks I caught in my tiny trap.  But I just thought her fur was so pretty with the silver tip and she was so docile, not like the 2 raccoons that we caught and released.  Now we live right in town!  We are in deer alley too as they travel thru our property to get to a couple small ponds that are across the street.  We never know what we will see.  The birds have sure hung around the water  pans and bird baths.  Sometimes they just sit in the water. 
Finally got an inch of rain last nite.  So thankful.


Coffeypot said...

I've seen deer, turkeys and a few dogs running around Coffey Casa. But our two cat hunters have attacked and kill a mouse and a cricket in doors. I feel so safe.

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