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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Visit me on my other blog

I seem to have trouble trying to decide which blog I should write on.  I started my second blog to be about my book store and then it morphed into being about my crafts and anything related to my store. Didn't know that their would be a link between the 2 blog sites so its not a secret that I have the second blog.  But sometimes I feel like I am loosing out on the folks who read this one.  Can't believe I have had somewhere around 1200 hits on this site.  I enjoy chatting away with my computer and it serves as a great place to keep track of whats going on in your life.  This blog site is 5 or 6 years old now and I like going back and reading some of the events I was living thru several years ago.
Just think when I get senile I can read my old blog entries and it will all be new to me!
So here is my link to my other life:  Hope to see you there!

I think the gal on the left is the one I will be when I get old!  Don't say what I know you are thinking BIG Brother!

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