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Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome! My Foot!

Been getting my "Welcome to Medicare" "free" medical work up done.  Since I already had my Mammogram this spring I didn't need that but I did the bone density test last Monday.  Got a call from the Dr. office a couple days later and the nurse wanted to know what pharmacy to call a script in to for some Fosomax.  I said WHOA!  I would like to wait till my apt with the Dr. to talk about this. 
Since then I have talked to several women who have taken this drug and not a single one had anything good to say.  Every one had bad side effects, mostly bone pain and one had her 4 lower front teeth loosen so much she ended up having them pulled and getting a partial!   Besides I am doing most of the things that they recommend and want to look at beefing up my routine.  Calcium with D, weight bearing exercise, and stop the soda.  So I am going to increase my treadmill at the gym and give up the one can of soda that I drink a day.  Plus will go on line and see what else I can do.  I really don't think I fall into the usual risk group.  I am not short and petite like most people with osteoporosis are.  Of course I couldn't believe that I have early cataracts either!!  Damn! Don't we hate to admit we are getting old? 
Next Monday I go for the carotid ultrasound, so lets hope I am getting enough blood to my brain!

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Coffeypot said...

Growing old is not for the weak...and it had better not be for the stupid. You are right in waiting and also talking to your friends. Do some Google exercise,too. See if there are any drugs with less damaging side effects. If you are doing what you outta (spelling - should), then you don't need the hard stuff anyway.