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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is it just ME?

I just tried to upload one of my own pictures and it just doesn't work. The one from the last post that uploaded OK was a picture I imported from the net and had it stored with my pictures. Now if loaded, why won't my pictures load? I even opened a new blog on Wordpress and it wouldn't let me import my files from the New Blogger. So that didn't work. I do have another blog site in My Spaces and I can post pictures on it. But not sure I want to keep up 2 blog sites. And I really like this one and have been posting for a LONG time. Darn. Well I will stop complaining. Yea, like that will happen right?

Had a good weekend, hubby took me out for a great sea food lunch Sun for my birthday, which isn't till later this week. Went shopping and ended up buying a new cook stove, with alot of neat bells and whistles. On Mon. we hauled more hay for our 4 legged friends, (that I can't post pictures of) Hubby trying to get me stocked up on stuff as he will be taking a trip in about 4 to 6 weeks. Seems his older sister is moving back to Mo. again. If you read me much you know that when we moved here last year, we moved her also. She is a widow and it was just to soon after her husband died for her to make that big of a move, She was here only a couple months and hubby moved her back to Nevada. Now that she has been alone since last Aug, she realizes we are her only family and she knows she needs to be closer to us. So her house here hasn't sold yet and she will move back into it for now. Probably look at moving her at least one more time if she finds a senior park somewhere that she would like that is close and takes care of the lawn and is just for seniors. Sort of a gated community. You know thats where us baby boomers need to be investing our money. Building these senior communities. When we get to be 80 we aren't going to want to live in neighborhoods with kids running around. Besides no yard work will give us freedom to travel and chase the young guys.

Well thats my thoughts for today. Stay warm. :)


Betty said...

You're right about housing for seniors. And, not just that high-end upscale type of housing, either, but decent places where people who have to live on their pensions and social security can afford.

By the way, Happy Birthday, whenever it is. Wish I could help with your photos.

Betty said...

OBTW, are you using Photobucket for your photos? That's what I use, and it works well. How about Flikr?

Anonymous said...

is your birthday the 1st. or the 2nd. ????????can I take you to lunch ??? your big sister

Antony said...

You can now transfer successfully to wordpress using
Worked a treat for me.

dc said...

Antony, thanks for stopping by and trying to help. Could you check that site again, I couldn't get it to come up. Thanks, I checked your site and added to my favs to check on. Thanks again. dc

dc said...

Well slap my face!
Sorry Antony, I tried that site again and it came up. But it looks sort of complicated for me, might have to have a techi friend help me with this one. Thanks again. I really do want to transfer it all over. dc