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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Missouri looks like a war zone!

When I closed the store Fri. it was sleeting and I figured I wouldn't be back to town for a few days. Well here it is Thurs and I am back at the store and am open for business, even though I will be surprised if anyone comes in. We had sleet in 3 waves, Fri nite, Sat, and Sun. I took pictures on Sat. before the worse damage at the farm, so will have to take a few more pictures. We live about 3 miles out of town and were so LUCKY that we did not lose power. I can't believe it. Our county and the surrounding counties to the so. of us have all been out of power, most at least 4 days. Some are back on line now but still alot of folks without power.
We have kept buckets of water ahead in case we lost power as we would not be able to pump water from the well if power failed. I now know it takes 4, 5 gal. buckets of water for 1 horse and 3 donkeys a day!! But we have a wood stove and stayed snug and warm. Others in the family have not been so lucky. Bro. in town was out of power for 4 days but he did have a heat from a ventless gas heater so he was able to stay warm and had city water. He has an older couple who lives next door that had no heat and he is on O2 and not well, so they sort of moved in with him and slept on his recliners for 3 nites. Also a neice, husb and 2 girls spent a couple nites there. During all this time the roads were awful and the sleet kept coming daily so we had to stay put. Sister and husband in town 10 miles away had to go to a shelter, which was good for them as they are warm and being fed well. We have National Guard in the area, helping cut trees from the streets and roads. The highways are clear but all back roads and streets are ice covered. And I mean ICE, I was cutting footsteps in the ice to make it safer for us to get from back door to the pasture and it is about 2 inches thick. To walk across the pasture to the barn is like walking on a frozen pond. Lucky the critters can stay in the barn most of the time.

Our trees are decimated. Thank God we had a tree trimmer out this fall and he trimmed several trees and topped 2 big ones. But everything else has been topped now and they look bad. Sat. nite we stood out in front of the garage and just listened to the timber fall. We have about 10 acres of timber and we could hear a tree top falling every few seconds. Of course not just ours but all around us, as the sound traveled. Sounded like a war zone might sound. Last evening there was still some falling. The ice is still there as it has been cold and now we are to get a snow fall this weekend. I just hope some of the ice gets melted off before that. We are to get temps in the high 30's the next couple days. So that is all the news, all weather. I am at the store and had to clean the little refrig where the little freezer defrosted, but that was minor. I had heat here as I have a little gas heater for heat.

I will try to load a picture, it will just show a small amount of what we have as it was taken before the last day of sleet. WELL SO MUCH FOR THIS STUPID UPDATE OF BLOGGER. I TRIED TWICE AND CANNOT UPLOAD PICTURES AGAIN. WHAT IS WITH THIS.??
I loaded a picture the other day. Now I can't. GRRRRRRRRRR.....

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