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Saturday, January 06, 2007

OK maybe Dell is not so bad

Got the replacement tower from Dell for the malfunctioning New computer that was ordered for little brother. Got it hooked up and on line and seems to be running OK. Yea!!

Gotta grip about a dumb neighbor. Across the road from us is a guy who is single at the moment, but that has nothing to do with this dumbness, well on second thought maybe it does.
Anyway he is in construction and has 5 acres that he tries to raise goats on. They are no trouble to us, sort of fun to watch the babies. Well in his infinite wisdom Mr. Neighbor got a cute Pyrenees pup, I say pup, but he is already big. Anyway he brings the dog home and just puts it out in the pasture with the goats, like it is supposed to bond with the goats and know what its purpose is. It is my understanding that you do raise these pups with the herd of goats or sheep, and they bond with the herd and will stay in the pasture to protect them as they feel they are their family. But I think you do this in a barn to start with. Well this poor pup doesn't know all that yet. I woke up at midnight hearing him howling, then this morning watched him go under the fence and head up the road. I didn't care if it was 7 AM on a Sat. Mr. Neighbor got a phone call to go fetch his pup before he got run over. Duh!! I just found this web site about these dogs. Really interesting.

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