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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Please no more sleet and snow!!

It is Sat. morning. We lost power at the farm yesterday morning and it is still out. We have been so lucky since there are so many folks that have been without power for a whole week now. With the sunshine yesterday and the melting we got, we were able to catch some water from the downspouts and fill the horse tank. That will help us hold the rest we have in reserve for flushing the toilet. We came in town today and showered at bro's house. And we have a generator that is finally coming into good use. So we can run it every few hours and keep the refrig and freezer cold. We have propane for cooking and a wood stove for heat, so we are in good shape. The weekend looks stinking so we will see what we get now. I feel so sorry for the folks that have been out for a week. Big sister stopped by the store today, they are still staying at the shelter and she went over to bro's house to shower too. She says they are warm and being well fed. I sent a couple boxes of books over to help them have some to share around. That must be so boring to sit in a shelter, but the company is nice for alot of folks.

Well this blog site won't let me post pictures. I have alot of good ones I have been taking. Darn Blogger. I am seriously thinking of changing. Can I do that and transfer all my posts with me?? Anyone know. I have had this site for so long I just hate to just close it and start another one. Sort of my baby you know?

Well hope everyone is staying warm and safe. Think I will go sit by the heat and read a book till the snow starts to fly then I am out of here.

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Addict said...
You can transfer all of your posts and comments over by clicking the import button on the dashboard!!!
There is no HTML and the templates are easy to use.
I've never had any problems or downtime with them... pictures? No problem!