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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Amor fati (Love what is)

I swiped that from a book that I just finished and feel the need to put my thoughts down about it. The title is: Drinking the Rain, by Alix Kates Shulman. Printed in 1995, it covers 10 years of her life from age 50 to 60. In her younger years she was very active in teaching, writing, and marching for women's rights. At age 50 she feels the need to have some solitude to really learn more about herself, so she goes to spend the summer totally alone in a cabin at the end of an island off Maine. She ends up pretty much living off the land, and learns all the bounty that the sea and island has to offer. She returns year after year. She opens her eyes to see the beauty in living so simple and close to the earth and it changes her and how she views everything.

I reallly enjoyed the book and found it really not so mysterious why I chose it to read. Actually I have a stack of books that I plan to read and this one was pulled out randomly and when I started it was amazing how it tied in with what I have been thinking and feeling myself. It seems everywhere I turn I see these "signs" that are directing me. I have been reading Depok Chopra for some time and just finished one of his books and am anxious to get his new one, and am now reading Ekart Tolle's book, The New Earth. Some will scoff at this as nonsense but one of the statements in the beginning of the book, if you are not already becoming "awake" just put the book down and don't waste you time or money. You have to be ready to be awakened and truly See. And I think that is what this book Drinking the Rain was about. And the Amor fati, was a quote from the book.

So I stop with that thought "Love what is" Couldn't that just change your whole perspective on life. And as Ekart says, "Accept what is< then action can follow"

Thought for the day: "Happiness is not something ready made...It comes from your own actions."---Dalai Lama

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog entry about my book Drinking the Rain. It's really interesting that you singled out Amor fati to comment on, since I have just written a new memoir, which will be out in September from FSG, whose title is TO LOVE WHAT IS (one common translation of amor fati). In it I try to test to the limit that principle of living.