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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again!

Actually I am driving. Headed out Sat on some alone time for 8 or 9 days! Well sort of alone. Headed to Ia. to spend time visiting old friends and some family, too. But mostly to stay with my "girlhood" friend and learn how to loom rugs. Yea, thats right, never know when that skill may come in handy. Been wanting to do this for years when I was up there last spring I found that she has a table top size loom and I told her that was just the right size for me, to hold onto it and I would be up. Promise to bring back some pictures. There is a long story here so maybe someday I will write it.

Just finished a very good book. If you want a really good read, pick up The Other Boleyn Girl! By Phillippa Gregory. Learn a little history too, The setting is in the 1500's. Women we have come along way, let me tell you. I know there is a movie, is it here yet? I never know when I see one advertised if its here or coming soon, as I rarely go to movies. I did see a movie for TV coming in April that is from the book I read last month, so hope I remember to watch it or tape it. The Memory Keepers Daughter. It was a good book so I look forward to seeing what they did to make it a movie.

Well got lists to make and them I am hitting the road. Now do I want peace and quiet or CD's to listen to, hmmmmmmmmmm?

Thought for the day: Whatever we Think about, Thank about, We bring about!

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Johnny said...

Good luck Loomin DC. Have a safe trip too.

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