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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hubby's Boo Boo

Yesterday hubby was sealing a little crack in the bed of the pickup, (we are getting a camper shell put on it this week) and he was getting down by "hopping" off the tailgait. Guess his hand slipped and he banged his back on the corner of the lowered tailgait. He came into the house, looking real pastey and groaning, trying to breath. He has a good abrasian up the left side of his back. He refused to go to ER at the time. But by nite time I told him we were definately going this morning just to make sure there were no internal injuries. The X-ray shows one complete break and another one almost all the way thru. So he is sleeping in the recliner as he can't lay down, taking IBU, and ice. Got to go pester him soon to do some deep breathing. I will try to scan the printout of the X-ray and add it here. Its all digital now and they sent us home a copy.

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