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Monday, June 01, 2009


Well lets see, I was premature on the Sold Out post. When I got to the store the next morning to meet the folks and take the money, I had a voice mail message telling me they had changed their minds. They didn't have the guts to call my cell phone and tell me themselves. Anyway it was for the best.
I actually wanted to see it to the finish anyway. I did a brisk business all day Friday, had cut my prices in half. Selling out at garage sale prices, then on Sat I put up signs and did 2$ bag sales and sold about 60 bags of books. On Sun I donated the remainder stock to the local library. I thought there was about 1,000. But turned out there was 1900. I will get a slip for my donation for my taxes. I gave away about $1000 worth of books (my price's) for the folks that had credit for trading in books. I figured I sold over 2,000 books. Not bad. Would like to have sold them at my regular price, but its all done and the building all cleaned out and winterized too, just in case it is still empty.

I am staying at the same motel, same room as I did on my way to Mo. So I am half way back home. Had a great visit with all my family. Just felt like going back home.

Was able to help my sister out as she got home from her stay in KC after her surg. over 3 weeks ago. She is doing well, still weak, and having trouble tolerating more than a very small amount of food at a time, but she has about got the hang of managing the colostomy now. Just needs to gain about 30 lbs back. Dr. says she is doing just fine.

So its on home tomorrow and get back to my Co. life. More later

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