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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here's to the importance of fiber in your diet!

Hubby still not doing so well with the rib pain. But did a lung check today and he is moving air down in the bottom and it sounds clear. Just have to be patient. Yesterdays bathroom drama about wiped him out. Definitely no joking matter. Have been adding extra calcium, IBU's, and FIBER. I know it will get better every day. Dang we are all ready to go fishing.

Having a cool spring (or is it summer?) May save alot on air conditioning if we can just quit running the heat in the mornings. Still down in the 50's at nite. Can't really complain.

Will be heading to Canon City next week to take a competency test, (just to be sure I haven't lost my nursing smarts) A 4 hr drive one way to take a 1 hr test. Hopefully hubby can go with me and we can check out the lakes on the way home.

Little brother headed to NC to see his oldest grand daughter graduate Sat. Have a safe trip.

That's it for now.

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