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Sunday, June 07, 2009

I am soooo tired.

Wow, that trip to Mo. and all really kicked my butt. Haven't had much energy to do much since I got home last Tue. Recap: I was gone 18 days. 2 day drive both ways, I kept the store open for 12 days straight to sell out as much stock as possible, Sold the book cases, pictures, card rack, advertising sign, and a couple small tables. Then I took my main desk and a couple of bookcases to my daughter. The remaining books, turned out to be about 1900, I donated to a local little library, and what a job to get them boxed up and loaded in her truck.

The store is all clean, and winterized all ready thanks to help from brother and his girl friend. I really couldn't have been more pleased with how it went. Of course when it was all empty and just me looking at the empty shelves I wanted to cry. I really didn't want to give up my store, but I know something else is waiting for me to do. It was a wonderful experience and maybe someday I will do something like that again. Not sure what I will do with the building, I left a sign on the front that anyone wishing to inquire about the building to call my brother.

The 2 days to drive home were peaceful. But as I said I have had a bad case of dragging butt.

Oh, we did get our fishing license this week and found an old camper shell to put on the little pickup so we can throw our gear in and go fishing. Yea. Very soon.

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