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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me and ABBA

With ABBA in my ears I did a 2 mile "quick" walk last pm. Getting better. I have a road that runs a couple blocks behind our house that is a straight 1 mile stretch. Not to much traffic and lots to see. Most of the homes are build on 1/4 to 1 acre lots. So they have horses and just such a diverse setting. Makes the walk easier. ABBA helps as most of the music is very fast beat. A couple days ago I went to the river trail. Which is nice, but just a little scary alone. It is a great bike trail but meanders thru trees and secluded. Think I will try the other end of it that is out in the open and maybe more used.

Talked to the Director of Nursing that is managing the facility where I am trying to get on. Looks like I will be doing some orientation soon, and will fill in some shifts thru the nursing agency that I have applied with. This will be good till the state finally has an "official" position posted for me.

We are trying to get everything ready to do a combined garage sale with SIL. Have all our stuff priced and ready but now weather looks like rain Fri. and Sat. So guess we will wait a week. Just want to get it over with. We LOVE doing garage sales, about like having your fingernails pulled out.

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