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Friday, July 17, 2009

Glory Be

Can't believe I am finally getting the 1 day training I needed at the prison before I could start nursing orientation. It is a sort of crash course in how be behave in a prison ect. Since I won't be an actual state employee I have to have this. I will be working thru a staffing agency.

Which is another long story. I talked to the D.O.N. earlier in the week and sort of reminded her that I put my application in the end of March, I signed on with a staffing agency that she suggested, which made me purchace liability ins. and get a drug screening at my expense. And she keeps stringing me along with this training thing that had to be scheduled. Anyway she told me this week that the state wasn't using that agency now and I would have to apply thru an agency across the state in the big city. So now I got my packet, have to get a physical (Mon) and get this all sent back, then go to a city in NE part of state on Aug, 3 to do orientation with them. Then >>>>>>> I will be ready to actually work and earn some money!!

Makes your head swim but at least I am swimming upstream.

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