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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


What does "home is where the heart is" mean? What does "home" mean to you?
It seems that we have moved so many times that each time I sort of get a diluted feeling about my home. I find it harder to get very attached to it. Maybe because I feel it won't be the last one. Maybe part is the moving so often, maybe part is getting older and realizing that material stuff is just stuff.

I loved the old routine that George Carlin did years ago about "our stuff" Wish I could remember more of it, but the gist was that we all work hard to have our stuff, then need a place to put our stuff, but you can't take your stuff with you. I guess I feel like our home is just more stuff. And sometimes all the stuff just gets to feeling like a burden. Maybe that's why we need garage sales every so often so we can sell our stuff to someone else who is still looking for their stuff.

When we watch the news, and who doesn't feel alarmed now days, we say things like we need to just find a cabin in the mountains and go there, with no TV, Phones, or Computers. Well maybe we should. But we won't, cause we still think we need all our "stuff"

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Secret Agent said...

I think you haven't had the chance to truely make it feel like your own yet you've been busy busy busy.Just my opinion I'm glad i found your blog again love Sam