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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who will remind me to go fetch the mail?

We had to put our faithful dog Molly to sleep yesterday. She lived with some health issues and in the last year had been loosing so much muscle in her hips and hind legs. She had developed "fatty" tumors in numerous sites, the worse being on her chest, and flank. On Sunday she tried to chase a cat that was sitting on the back fence and she pulled or tore something in one hind leg. As a result she was trying to walk on 3 legs, and with one of them weak she just couldn't manage. We had to use a towel to help her walk and she would just lay and look at us with those intelligent eyes, like she was asking use to help her.

It is so sad when the mind is still so sharp and smart but the rear end fails. So at nearly 13 we just had to do what was right and let her go. We soothed her while the vet did the injection and it was over so quick and she is at peace now and no more pain. I know she has suffered for some time and we had agreed along time ago we would not let her suffer when the time came.

She was the best dog ever, even if others may not have seen it, as she was not very friendly to others, but that was our fault and not hers. She was so smart that we had taken to spelling things and sometimes she figured that out too. She would mind us so well, we could let her out anywhere with no leash and she would obey us with verbal and hand signs to stay where we would tell her.

What I will miss most was her total devotion to us. Her vocal Woooo Woooo greeting when we would come in the door. She trusted us and loved us unconditionally, and you can't ask any more than that from your dog. I have only seen my husband cry twice, once when he was in acute pain with a kidney stone and yesterday after we came home to an empty house.

We have agreed that there will be no more dogs, at our age, we don't want to be tied down with that responsibility again. We have had 2 good dogs, I was counting up and we have had a dog in our lives for a total of 24 of the 27 years we have been together. Thats alot.

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