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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When you get Mad should you get Even?

Our builder/Realtor took us for a little ride recently, and I am still steaming.
We closed on our home on Dec 30. Last week we got a delinquent notice for 2008 property taxes. Seems the first notice went to the builder. Somewhere along the line, they paid the 07 taxes of less than 60$(was on our closing) as the property was bare dirt then. No where did it mention who owed the 08 taxes. Seems that WE owe that. We went to the court house and to the title co. and that is just the way it is. When we went to our developer thru the supervisor at our home development they said that "he" should have taken better care of his contract.
Now this company has this Christian mission statement in their literature.

Well I composed this letter quoting some of their mission statements and laying out what had happened, and that it was a shabby way to do business and treat their home owners. We owned the home for 2 days! I am sending a copy to the Better Business Bureau, and the State Realtor Commission.

I know it won't do any good but just want to raise a little stink. Maybe get even just a little.
I think they are going out of business anyway, not building any more houses and laying most of their people off. Not sure where that will leave us here in this development with only half the lots built on. But thats another story.

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