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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Please let me grow old with joy

It is so hard to have a family member who is so negative, suspicious, righteous, pushy, opinionated, and well I guess thats enough.
I am talking about my nearly 85 year old SIL. Now I have known her for nearly 30 years and I don't see this as a new thing with her, just a worsening of her attitudes. On one hand she is the most generous person I know, then on the other hand so miserly that I have to just laugh so I don't get upset. She will gladly give something of value to someone if she thinks they will "take care" of it. But will hang onto silly things like say a bundle of old paint brushes, just in case she needs one, or a whole box of plastic cloths hangers, in case one breaks. This little stuff I can deal with, but its the other things that are hard to live with. She has taken a dislike to a neighbor that is katty corner across from her. They actually have a beautiful lawn, but keep kids bikes in the driveway and a mower, and trash cans along side of the house that is not noticeable unless you drive down the street. But every time we drive her home she cranes her neck to look and complain about what a trashy place it is and how she may have to call and report them. Oh, she loves to have a cause to be calling about. The house next door to her was repossessed, so is sitting empty, being a new home, the folks had not put a lawn in yet, so the weeds were growing. It became her mission to track down who (which bank) owned the house so she could get someone to take care of the weeds. She harassed the subdivision manager long enough that he went over and mowed them himself. But its just everything, someones dog, kid, weeds, wasps, wind, you name it. Its like she can't see any joy in anything.
So I have vented my frustration and maybe its just time I went to work so I don't have so much time on my hands and I won't end up being a negative person too.

I want to find joy everyday, even if I am the only one who sees it and no one else does. I would like to do Oprah's little thing of writing a little thankful note everyday, just for myself.

For today I am thankful for the little humming bird that is faithful to our feeder and the pleasure I get watching him sit on a tree limb near the feeder like he is the owner of it. Also for the smiles from the old Veterans I saw today riding the float in the July 4 parade and for the beautiful clouds with the sun shining thru as the sun was going down tonite.

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sandi said...

Hey aunt dorothy I'm glad you can see the joys of life. That's what makes you the joyful person you are just keep being positive around her if it doesn't rub off take a little plesure in knowing it probly irritates the heck out of her.