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Friday, December 03, 2010

Whats in my ear as I walk?

My cheeks are nice and cold and rosy from my walk this morning. Did about 2 miles, sunny and cold out. Going to get a cold front come in tonight so will probably have to hit the tread mill. Have a good Dean Koontz book hanging on it, it helps me keep going.

I enjoy my I-pod while I am walking. I probably don't listen to jazzy music like I should. My walk isn't always about burning calories, usually more about my inspiration for the day. I still love my Enya music. I feel nice and mellow and enjoy the birds and squirrels as I walk. Saw a tree full of cedar waxwings this morning eating some kind of berries in a big tree. They used to come into the farm in the late summer and gobble up the mulberries.
Thought for the day: You always feel like you have lost weight after you have worn the same pair of jeans about 6 days!

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