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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ever feel like a slug?

That's the way I feel this winter. Other than reading and some needlepoint I feel like I have accomplished very little. Whats with this? I think this health care fiasco that is going on it getting me a little down. I thought that most of it was't supposed to go into effect for a couple years. Well my insurance has sure made some major changes. Without being notified they canceled my preferred provider (or prob. my preferred provider hospital canceled) So my primary Dr. is part of the hospital. So after several calls to my ins co. they have made an exception on the record for me to have my local hosp be my preferred provider X 6 mo only and only for out pt services! That would cover my colonoscopy coming up and mammogram. Not my Dr. if I go to him for any apt. I pay half of his going rate. no co pay. They indicated that there would be a change in July to a different 3rd party payer so more changes.

Got a letter from my insurance co. (which is thru a state I don't live in) They outlined new changes for this next year to start in July. Big raise in deductible from 800 to 2,000$. No dental coverage except for cleaning. No eye coverage except for part of the exam. (just got that done and new glasses ordered) Plus other major changes that I won't bore anyone with. I look for them to figure out a way to cancel out folks that do not live within the state too.
So it is depressing and a worry. I only hope that my tests come back OK this winter then I can hold out and not need any care till Feb 2012 when I will be old enough for medicare. Lets hope they don't do huge changes there, but what are the odds.
OK I am done gripping.
Won't spring be a blessing.
Thought for the day: If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

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