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Friday, January 21, 2011

Pictures and memories

I had mentioned a week ago that I thought it would be fun to take a collage of pictures and briefly tell about each one. All these pictures were taken in the 70's, and maybe you will see yourself if some of them.
1. Brother was visiting us in Iowa and caught this nice big bass from the farm pond.  He looked so young with all that hair.
2. Dtr. dressed for Halloween with her bibs, kerchief, and straw hat.  As a prop she was holding one of our baby pigs.  Wonder if it was "Miss Piggy" that we bottle fed.
3. 5 little kids standing in front of our old yellow Rambler station wagon, taken in Portsmouth Va. Both my kids and 3 cousins. They were so cute.  I remember the wagon was the first car I drove. Didn't get my drivers license till about the time of this pic.
4. Mrs. Johnson putting my first nursing cap on at the LPN capping ceremony. I had no idea then where my nursing career would take me.
5. Mom out at the farm in Ia. dressed in the blue polyester jump suit that I made for her.
6.Son on his first motor cycle. I remember riding it once and tried to kill a snake in the road, but when I hit the brake the bike spun sideways and I wiped out.  Would have served me right to land on the snake!
7.Son and Dtr, sitting on the roof of the pump house at the Mo. farm.
8. Dtr. holding our little dog Goldie in her lap.  Taken in Ia. What a good little dog.
9. Dtr. in her cheerleaders outfit for Jr. High.
10. Brother and his family during happy times on a visit to the beach.  His youngest was just a baby.
11. The 3 sisters, us. Sitting on a sofa at middle sisters home. This was the first trip that I ever took by myself about age 33.  Didn't know till later that husband was glad to let me take a trip as he had hanky panky going on.

So that's my photo collage.

Thought for the day:  Don't buy cheap drain cleaner!

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