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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Was life more interesting a few years ago?

I was just messing around and went back to my old blog posting in 2006 and reading. It seems like alot more was going on back then, it even seems interesting, but did I know it at the time? I guess its like looking back to the "good old days" and not realizing that we are living the good old days every day. When I look back in 6 years I will think that 2010 was an interesting year, I suppose.

After the tragedy in Arizona this past week, it has to make us realize that no one has been promised any certain number of days to our lives. We need to look around and smile more at what we see. We need to see the positive stuff and not focus on all the negative that surrounds us each day.

I live with the negative every day. Sad to say but hubby and his sister seem to relish the bad news and bad predictions. SIL sort of tickles me as she complains daily about all the junk mailings she gets. Most are political stuff and of course they all want money. If she gets an envelope with a nickle (sometimes a dollar) in it. She always mails it back. It just keeps her name active and I think she thinks someone personally opens it and is grateful to her. She means well and it gives her something to do. Well how did I get off on this track??

See I was trying to write a positive post and this negative stuff just snuck in there. Oh, and in Oct 2006 I was complaining about gas being 1.99$ a gal.

Thought for the day: We reap what we sow

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