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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Out of body experience

Thought I would share this bit of info that I read recently and I felt I could relate to it.  Maybe you will see yourself here too. The following paragraph is copied from the article.

Ever get the bizarre feeling that you're floating out of your skin?  It can happen as your brain is transitioning to sleep and the temporal-parietal junction (area responsible for synthesizing a sensation of position, gravity, motion,k and vision) turns off while you're still conscious.  Without all that information, a person can feel as  if she's detached from her body, looking back at her physical self.

I don't exactly feel detached, but often just as I start to doze off I do get a strange sensation of floating or detachment.  Sort of like when you are given that injection that sends you into sleep when you have a procedure or surgery.

Thought for the day:  If you are never the lead dog, the scenery never changes!

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Coffeypot said...

The one I hate is just before you fall asleep you feel as if you are falling for real and jerk awake with your arms flung out to brace yourself. Scary as hell. Then you realize it's just the drugs and booze. Whew!