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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Please drive carefully!

For some reason I have been addicted to looking at the accident reports in the local paper.  There may be 4 or 5 listed daily and over half are single car accidents and they say the driver ran off the road, of course then many times they either hit a tree or roll over several times.  Sometimes there are fatalities or just that routine care flight to the hospital.  What the heck are these people doing that they drive off the road!.  Then the other half of the accidents are one car crossing the line and hitting another car.  Same thing, what are these people doing??  I have a guess.  Bet you can't guess what it is!  Could it be the cell phone?  Or the meal they are eating while driving?  Or all the other personal things that are going on that distract the driver?
I just think we forget that we are driving a heavy piece of machinery here that requires our attention and respect.
In central Mo. about a week ago was a tragic accident of a gal crossing the center line and hitting a car head on.  Killed the father, 3 year old, and mother.  They were on way home from the hospital with a newborn baby!  The baby was ejected in its car seat and survived!  What a tragedy!  The other odd thing was that the new mother and the young girl driver worked together!
So look at your paper and tell me what you think.  Just for one day!  DRIVE CAREFULLY!

Thought for the day:  Life is just one damn thing after another....  Winston Churchill


Coffeypot said...

You know I make the dog transports from GA to NY? Well you should see the drivers texting and talking on the pone. Driving too slow because the can't talk and drive, weaving because they are texting. I feel like I am playing dodge cars many times on the highways.

dc said...

I know, I get passed (am going the speed limit) on double lines at least once a week. What the heck is the hurry? Drive safely Sir, sound like you are doing some good works.