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Friday, March 02, 2012

Spring has sprung

Couldn't believe it when I looked closer to this huge tree in our front yard.  It is popping out with blooms and I took this on the first day of March, 73degrees!  The tornadoes that swept thru a couple nites ago missed us by at least 35 miles.  Scary things.  My elderly sister in law lives on the lower level of our house and I heard her alert radio go off a couple times during the nite.  She is obsessed with the weather!  Listens to her weather radio several times a day, cuts the weather deal out of the paper and keeps track of them.  Not sure if this is healthy but guess it gives her something to be doing.  But on the other hand she sure makes good chocolate chip cookies and pies for my hubby.  I hardly ever bake!

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