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Thursday, February 01, 2007


For My Loving Wife

"True love is found not in words, but in feelings"

I want to take this chance
on your birthday to thank you
for all the happiness
you bring to my life...
for the contentment I feel
simply having you near me...
for your kindness
and thoughtfulness
that never let me forget
that you love me...
and for the unending love
and support you give me
that fill my life with meaning
and are a constant reminder
of how lucky I am to have you
every day of the year.

Happy Birthday

Now Just how sweet is this? I can always count on a beautiful card from my hubby. He comes from the generation of men that find it hard to express how they feel sometimes, so his cards always express how he feels in his heart even though he may not say alot of things out loud. We always know when we are loved. :)


Betty said...

Hi, dc, that is a sweet card. Men have so much trouble saying something sweet out loud. Bless their hearts. Do you happen to have any British Mysteries in your book store?

dc said...

Betty I left a message on your blog site, hope you find it. DC

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's on of my favourite posts. Not only for your Roses. I always felt lucky to meet You...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, his English is not so good as it seems.