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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why do I have to come to work to rest??

My weekend is Sun and Mon. Sun. I spent most of the day at my SIL's house helping get it ready for her to get moved back into later this mo. I vacumed so the carpet cleaners can come next week, mopped the BR and kitchen. Have a carpenter coming in to re-caulk the floor tiles, and re-do the dryer vent. Some yo-yo had vented it into the garage. The painting is all done. Not exactly happy with his work, if I had the time, I could have done every bit as good a job. I paid him a little extra to have his kids rake the yard and bag up the leaves, granted there was alot but the job is not finished so just said to heck with it. When you want something done it is usually best to just do it yourself. So will finish up that job after work today.
On Mon. went to Ar. to visit with daughter, and went "shopping". Ended up back in Mo and went to the local college that was having a book sale and got some more nice nearly new ones there.
On Sun. I stopped at a garage sale and got a cute little sewing table with a chair in nice shape. wooden too. for 10$ Gave the chair to my grand daughter and brought the table into the store. Lets see I also took a dresser and coffee table and end table to the daughter and brought home a kitchen cabinet to repair for her.
It needs alot of TLC. She was about to throw it out, I said let me fix it. so did some work on it last nite, glues some strips around the bottom, tightened up alot of screws. Sanded the drawers and so far have 3 coats of bright yellow pain on them. It will be useable and clean when I am done. So now I have her cabinet held hostage till she comes up next week to pick it up! There is a method to my madness.

Hubby still in Nv. All is well at the farm. Over 2 inches of rain last week, hope the freezing at night is over. I brought home several free dogwood trees from the fish hatchery Sat. Would like to see the trees and shrubs that got leaves frozen off have a chance to leaf out again. Maybe I can stay home next weekend and do some things for myself that I have planned. Sort of spring cleaning projects!

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