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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yesterday we were resting on the deck after some very hard work, sipping some ice tea, and a mocking bird was in a tree just a few feet away and singing his head off. I tried to do a little video of him and have downloaded it just below. Sorry you can't see the bird in the tree. We do enjoy them when they come to nest in our yard. After the babies are grown they all seem to fly away and are gone till the next spring. We enjoy the songs.

We cleared alot of tree limbs off the hay field that fell over from the timber. What wonderful work, makes you feel alive to get out and sweat a little. Hubby got his first tick of the season, Ouch. I hate those little suckers!


her indoors said...

thanks for dropping in your welcome anytime,
the mocking bird singing is so sweet, used to have a canary who sang its so nice istening to the birds singing, please call again

Cazzie!!! said...

Ouch tick you say!! I used to enjoy helping my nan and pop clear their land and make firewood heaps then rake up the leaves, nice country air..ahhh.