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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My weekend

The picture is of an Easter Bunny that came across the highway to greet me Sat. at the store. He never said a word. Don't bunnies Talk??

What a busy weekend. Did some things Sun afternoon to get the house ready that Hubby's sister will be moving into at the end of the Mo. Took a twin bed over so she will have a place to sleep while waiting on the movers. The painter is about finished up at the house and had extra paint that we took back to the store. Then we went home and started mowing and raking. The freeze this last week did quit a bit of damage to tender leaves.
On Mon. finished mowing and got the horse and donkeys hooves trimmed up. Wish I had taken a video of Flossy getting her hooves done. Last fall they just sat on her to do it as she was pretty small yet. Those little hooves really grow out fast on those babies. But this time she needed a little man handling. The guy had to put a nose cinch on her. Hated to see it but it calmed her down and he got the job done as we could not hold her. He made a loop out of the lead rope and slipped it thru the halter and over her nose so when she pulled she squeezed her nose and had trouble breathing. Sounds cruel but it is effective. Sampson the horse was worried about her as she is his "baby" and he kept coming up close to see if she was OK.
The horse and the adult donkeys are real easy to do and stand still just fine. So I guess I better get busy with a little more training with Miss Flossy. He suggested I start tying her to the post with the lead rope and let her stand for an hour or 2, to learn what being tied means. I have a short video of her eating spaghetti that I will have to post one of these days.

Took Hubby to the airport real early this morning. Like 3AM. He had an early flight to Nv. and we are over 2 hrs from the airport. So he will be in Nv. helping get his sis packed up and drive her back.

Yippy so that means I am footloose now!! Ha, I have several work projects to get started on, so will keep busy, nothing like last time he left town, unless the carpenter gets time to start my kitchen counter top. hmmmmmmmm....:) :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes she just can't say how to arrive and if we could meet her just for fun. I like to read about her story:)
I want to mean that she lives for the perfect trip. It costs just a little piece of soul. The trip is absolutely amazing. I love to leave early in the morning too. At the meantime if in our little farm there are 5 dogs and five cats I have to tell her...Hey we need a Tata! Just special people can do it. U know when u leave the kids alone you have protect them. So let's share our happyness! In our land the strangers look fine, too.

dc said...

Hey anonymous! You been drinking?? Who are YOU?