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Friday, April 27, 2007

Update on SIL condition

Well she made it thru surg. with hip pinning and blood transfusions OK. That was on Mon. By Wed they got her off the morphine and started PT and OT. On Thurs was moved into a rehab floor of the hosp. and working on how to dress herself with the bum leg and getting up and down to the bathroom. Guess the plan is to stay for about a week in rehab and then home. I hear she is giving the hosp staff hell, thats my SIL. They will be glad to be rid of her, LOL. so we will see how she is doing by the first of next week then see about an airline ticket and get a date set for the movers again. My gut feeling is that as soon as she is moving around some she will try to talk herself into the drive instead of airplane. But hopefully the Dr. will nix that for her. I am finding her a Dr. here to take her care and will set up home PT for her. She is still worried about all the trouble she is causing us and how I am having to manage alone. Heck, I always like my alone time. I am not complaining. Only complaint was when that donkey stepped on my toe and I had to hobble out to do chores. But it is pretty much OK now.

Looks like a great weekend coming up. The grass is about 6 inches tall or more with all the rains. So I will be on the mower alot to catch it up. But I don't mind. I would rather work outside and inside any day of the week. Got tomatoe plants to set out and have some baby dogwood trees that I got a week ago free from the fish hatchery near by, so guess I will find a place to get them set out.

Have a wonderful weekend. And remember Today is a Gift, thats why they call it the Present.

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