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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about

I know Rosie is very controversial but I do have to agree with her today. She said that the guy who shot all the kids at the college should not be getting all this air time even showing his home videos of himself. Isn't this just what he wanted? So now we are playing into his fantasy and giving him his fame he sought. So Sad. This is a crazy world we live in now isn't it. Now if someone ticks you off on the highway or store you are afraid to speak up. Even when they are young. I have had minor run ins with teen agers and you let them intimidate you, and just back off when you really want to get in their face. Well again it is so sad when the world can offer so much joy and happiness. Maybe in 100 years we will look back and see what a troubled time this was. Lets hope we are still here in 100 years. I plan to be, how about you??

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