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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

back from Ia.

What a great weekend!! Brother and I drove up to Ia. on Sat to go to he high school alumni. Man what a room full of gray headed people. Not many there from my class as it was an in between year. Brother had a good time as there were 28 from his class. Got to go to the historic village of Bentonsport on Sun. and hung out with an "old" friend that I grew up with. There was a weekend craft show going on so ran into other people that I knew. My friend and her husband have a place called Iron and Lace, She is a potter and he is a blacksmith. They are the real thing and do wonderful work. Came back on Sun. Rained off and on but was a safe drive and good time for a road trip with little brother.

Go to Betty's web site and see what wonderful stuff she does, oh, and
Bill too! You won't be sorry.


Betty said...

Were you referring to moi? If so, thanks. By the way, I noticed, at my last high school reunion that we all resemble each other, now. And, we have to read the name tags.

dc said...

Oops, sorry Betty, that site is for my good friend in Ia. named Betty, she is a potter.