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Thursday, May 10, 2007

A pinch of this and a dab of that

Well, just when you think there is a plan things happen to make changes for you. As posted previously, we were going to put SIL on a plane the 21st and movers scheduled again for the 23rd and then hubby could come home. WELL, now the plan is that she will get out of the rehab hosp this Sat. Hubby will stay there one week, and she is staying for 90 days. Then he will have to drive back again and move her by the first of Sept. It really makes sense, she can get her rehab at home and continue to gain strength and mobility and follow up with her doctors there. She is a very determined little old lady and I think is wearing the therapists out!
Hubby is sure ready to come home. But next week he can get her stocked up on supplies she needs, they had about cleaned her freezer out. She has a couple friends who will check on her daily and will be getting an alert "I have fallen and can't get up" braclet to wear. Her house there is safer for her at this point, level access to back yard. In the mean time she has some work on the sunroom on her house here that can be completed before she gets here and it will also make it easier to go out into the back yard for her. So I think it will all work out.

In the mean time, I have been working on a surprise for hubby. The carpenter has been back to work at the house and the new kitchen counter, sink and faucets are going in as I type. Yippy. Really the surprise if for ME. Will post a picture when done. Ever see a black sink? At least it won't show coffee stains, right?

Got 1 1/2 in of rain last nite and lots of thunder. Having a city wide garage sale Fri and Sat. Been sorting out books to put out on a table in front of the store to sell for 25 cents. Maybe it won't get rained out. Sure have had a wet spring. Hay is getting tall. Will need baled about the time we can get dried out enough.

Well enough rattling on and on. Probably lost most of you back there after the first few lines, but I don't care, cause this is MY blog. Right??

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Betty said...

Sounds as though you're staying busy! I wish we would have a city-wide garage sale here. I think it would be fun. My apartment complex has a "yard sale" in the fall for all the residents.